Defining Success in Life


For many people the definition of success varies. While many people might tie success into their professional life strictly, others find that it is more about where they are as a complete person including both personal life and professional life. It is important to remember when taking success into measure that you are the only true judge of your own success. While some might see having a great deal of money or being the CEO of a company to be success another might feel that finding a sense of purpose and reaching comforting personal growth to be successful.

Deciding if you are a success may include taking time to review your personal growth over your lifetime. You may want to take the time to think about where you were as an individual several years ago versus where you are today. Significant growth in this area as well as an emotional growth can signify for many that they have been successful in their lives.

Setting personal and professional goals and reaching them is often considered to be a sign of success to people. This is one of those instances that provide them with true tangible evidence that they are successful. Taking the time to map out personal goals can often be an excellent way to reach personal growth as well as emotional growth. Through the use of mile stones individuals can decide if they have been successful in their lives.

In order to decide if you are successful you must first have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. This spans both in your life and in whom you want to become. If you do not understand your goals you can never truly consider yourself to be successful in life. Finding personal growth and emotional growth can only be accomplished if you see the need for the growth and strive toward a goal of making changes toward it. It is at this point that you can define success in your life.