Difference between Creativity and Innovation

Creativity And InnovationIn the simplest definition of the words, the differences between creativity and innovation lie in the actions that take place. Innovation requires taking action and often refers to something that has been created and put to the test. If the test was a failure then the concept of innovation doesn’t apply. As for creativity, this word refers to the internal planning that occurs without the added action. The two can work together to create great things, however, one is much more measurable than the other.

Creativity is what happens when you are brainstorming ways to solve a problem. This can be in your work life or your personal life, it doesn’t matter. The problem is that saying you are being creative gives the image of painting a canvas or doing arts and crafts with a bunch of kids. It doesn’t feel as productive or eloquent as saying you are being innovative in your ideas. In reality, ideas are not innovation. Only action is innovation.

The how-to of innovation is the basis of ideas and action working together. Ideas are developed using the creative measures of your brain. Putting them into action creates the innovation which moves progress. It is the concept of you having all of the knowledge in the world but if you never put it into action then nothing will come of that knowledge. It will simply sit until you no longer remember what inspiring information you learned.

While creativity and innovation are different, they work together to for one purpose, to further the progress of one’s goals . This can be your personal or professional goals or those of an entire nation. When the two come together great feats can be accomplished.