Innovation and Change – Start Changing the World

Change The WorldInnovation and change play off of each other. You can’t say that one comes before the other because they are continually in motion. When you make a change in your life you often can find innovative ways to deal with your everyday life. This results in a way to change the lives of those around you. An example of global change is Facebook. This social networking explosion was a result of someone wanting to change the way his college connected to those on campus and it progressed from there. The same can be said for change inspiring innovation or vice versa as a need of the global community and our purpose in life.

Change your thinking to find a need, fill a need and see what happens. Start investigating how best to help people through existing arenas or through the innovation that comes from your brainstorming. One concept is that using innovation of easy ways to recycle or save energy will help people to change their destructive habits. Change is never an easy thing, however, making saving the earth and its resources simpler will promote that change. An example of that is the homeowner who has their recycling picked up weekly at their home is more likely to recycle than those that have to haul theirs to the recycle center.

Innovation is a method or product that is new. Using your creativity to help those in need can create a change in you and the world around you. If you have/had a problem and find a new way to alleviate that problem then share your innovation with others. This is the first step. Change yourself and you can create a ripple effect that will spread throughout your own community and perhaps the world.

Having the right frame of mind and a sincere heart will help to launch your innovation and change creativity into full force. Those that go into life focused on what they will get out of it, i. e. money, tend to miss prime opportunities that their heart can lead them towards.

Start implementing innovation and change in your life by taking time to examine the problem you’ve selected. Determine the best way to tackle the problem and don’t let conventional thinking limit your possibilities.