Understanding Different Aspects of Holistic Healing

Aspects of Holistic HealingHolistic healing focuses on the three aspects of your life that are intertwined for your complete wellbeing. The mind,body,spirit connection is one that has been proven over thousands of years. While it is considered more a philosophy than anything else, holistic health, is a way of life and understanding that your body has the ability to keep itself healthy as long as you take care of it.


The most common aspects of holistic health addressed are those of the body. Words like organic and hormone-free are no longer reserved for “health food nuts”. These words are found in the average grocery store or marketplace.

Eating foods that are not processed and striving to eat to live are key components of the body’s part of holistic health. The other important thing to consider is movement. You need to move your body so that it receives the right amount of exercise to stay fit. Our bodies are created to work for our survival. Convenience foods and tools have made it harder to fit in our healthy exercise on a daily basis.


How you perceive yourself and the world around you affects your health. There are numerous examples in everyday life that encourage us to reprogram our thoughts. Waking up in a bad mood can magnify aches and pains. Spending the day angry or frustrated can actually cause migraine headaches. Think about the days that you are feeling excited and happy about what is happening. There are fewer health issues and those that do exist are brushed off easier.


The third of the aspects of holistic health is your spiritual life. Your connection to God or the universe is essential in helping you to realize that you are not alone and you are part of a larger picture. Knowing that you have a purpose and are not a leaf to be blown around randomly helps to ease your mind during times of trouble.

The understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection is one that is the basis of holistic health. If one part of your life is not in line with the others then it can adversely affect your health. This is where the use of meditation, chiropractors, acupuncturists and psychotherapists can be of assistance. The idea is to avoid medications if at all possible and live a healthy life that uses preventative measures to create the best possible health.