Determine How You Can Make a Difference

Make A DifferenceThere is no greater calling than to make a difference in the world around you. To understand the “I make the difference” mantra is one that brings a great deal of celebration to your soul. The very idea of having ultimate dedication to the cause of changing someone’s life is what each person on Earth is called to do. Greatest amount of Gratification comes when you know you made a difference. This dedication can be displayed in a variety of ways and involve you doing a little bit of prayer and meditation in order to understand where your true calling lays.

  • Volunteering Time:  If money is an issue, consider volunteering time instead. Understand that there are many ways to volunteer your time depending on the Cause you are supporting. It doesn’t necessarily mean just cooking/serving food. You can use your time to help collect donations, work in the office, or even help with creating marketing materials to let others know how to help your cause.
  • Making Donations: Donations are more than just money. You can donate time, clothing, food, or skills.  The idea is to use what you have for the betterment of the charity or cause that you feel led to help. There is no right or wrong way to help. Every small amount leads to one large amount. Your dedication to the cause can often result in inspiring others to help with their own donations.
  • Work for Charity: Leadership is something that is often lacking in those that work for charity. It is a skill that does not come easily to everyone and should be utilized by those that do have it. If you are experienced in leading others as a group then consider your work for charity to be in the form of leadership. All projects and larger than life causes need someone to man the captain’s chair. Forget the lack of money in it for you and aim to do the most good by using your dedication to the cause in the form of being a leader to guide and direct those around you.

Without a purpose, you drift through life being blown about from one place to another. Knowing your purpose and determining how you can make a difference in your community and the world gives you a focus, gratification and peace that other things cannot.