Why Innovate? What does it have to do With Living on Purpose?

Why InnovateLiving on purpose relates to every aspect of your life. For those that have been allowing themselves to simply exist from one day to another without a purpose it will change your life forever. The important thing to consider is where your priorities and life meaning are connected to. This is similar to the question of what does success mean to you. You should start asking this in every aspect of your life. This is how you change your life forever.

Opportunities for innovation are everywhere. Discover how they relate to living on purpose by asking yourself three important questions:

Understanding what you need to do in order to accomplish your life purpose is the best motivation for innovation. There are a great deal of people who have wanted to start a new career, create better relationships with family, or create an organization that changes the world without knowing how to go about it. When there wasn’t a way, they created a way. This involves know-how, research and determination to not allow closed doors to discourage them.
Examples include:

  • A single mother who goes to school and works will find innovative ways to take care of her children while working and studying at the same time.
  • An unemployed person may find a need for a service they want to provide, however there aren’t any actual people that perform this task. His/her innovative answer is to create their own niche in business and therefore creating a whole new career for themselves.
  • A loved one who has a family member die from a tragic accident or unknown disease starts a foundation or even a basic website to get out the knowledge needed to prevent or cure the cause.
  • Dead fish are found in polluted water alerting that one special person to take action to halt the destruction of the Earth’s water sources.

Moving Forward through Roadblocks

Don’t look at challenges as problems to drag you down. View them as opportunities for innovation and imagination. Pursuing your life’s purpose is about following your spirit. This requires you to use creativity that you might not have realized you possessed. Don’t just think outside the box. Think about ways to go over, around, under and through the box.