Yoga for Healthy Living

YogaThe world of yoga is based on the concept of spirit and body being strengthened at the same time. All of the exercises are designed to increase the strength of your body and create a calming effect on your spirit. Don’t allow the fear of certain religious affiliations scare you off from this art form of holistic healing. This type of practice is perfect for those that cannot handle any type of exercise that involves impact with the ground. If even walking makes your joints ache, you can do yoga.

Like any other exercise you should take things slow and start at the beginner level. Do not attempt to do more complicated moves until you have virtually mastered the basic poses. The idea is to use yoga as a way of life. This enhances your body, mind and spirit because of the effect that yoga exercises have over your entire body. The 30 minute or 1 hour amount of time set aside daily is helpful to quieting your spirit.

Each movement of yoga is slow and accompanied by certain breathing techniques. These techniques result in helping you focus better and release stress from your body. Both of which allow you to focus better during your daily tasks.

Other Benefits of Yoga as Holistic Healing

The physical positions and stretching techniques help to make your body stronger using its own weight.
The combination of the quiet space, stretches and breathing techniques help create an overall calmness in your body and spirit. You become more alert and achieve a greater emotional balance because of the holistic healing related to yoga.

A side effect that is not often considered is the renewed amount of commitment and patience that is acquired through using yoga as a way of life. For the beginner it takes commitment and patience to learn the variety of poses and slowly progress from one pose to another. This flows over into the other aspects of your life and centers on the theory that “slow and steady wins the race”.

While yoga may seem difficult at first it is best to clear your mind of the outside worries and focus solely on the poses. Concentrate solely on the movements of your body and your breathing techniques to get the best results from your new yoga experience. If you are self-conscious about taking a yoga class then consider getting DVDs that you can use at home. The most important thing is to get ultimate holistic healing results from your new yoga journey.