Here are the reasons why you should be Writing Mission Statement for your life and how to write it.

Effective Mission StatementWhy should you be writing mission statement for your life?

What is a Personal Mission Statement?

In the simplest sense, a personal mission statement is a clear and concise description of how you want to live your ife in your own words. It is not just about your accomplishments but about the essence of your life.

Why should you be writing Mission Statement?

Writing a Personal Mission Statement is one of the most powerful actions you can take to take control of your life and is the first step in living a life you love and living it powerfully. This step helps to get rid of the clutter in your mind and focus on what is truly important for you because you will now know how you want to live your life.

How to write a Personal Mission Statement?

While there is no hard and fast rule about writing mission statement in any specific format, there are set of guidelines that you can use while writing your very own personal mission statement.

Step 1 – Determine your personal core values:

Your personal core values are standards that greatly influence your attitude and character. They are deeply etched into your emotional and mental make-up, and are not easily changed. To get an exhaustive list of personal values and a form to identify your values, please subscribe to our complimentary Living On Purpose Ezine

Step 2 – Determine your personal legacy:

While all this might look very complicated, in reality, it is very simple. Determining your personal legacy will help you decide what you want the world to remember you as when you are gone. It is a measure of how well you lived. To get your own copy of ‘My Personal Legacy’ form, please subscribe to our complimentary Living On Purpose Ezine.

Step 3 – Determine your actions to manifest your personal legacy using your core values (Steps 1 and 2):

In essence, you will write actions to connect Step 1 and Step 2.

Tips for writing Mission Statement

  • First, remember that it is YOUR mission statement. You don’t need to impress anyone with this. You don’t even have to show it anyone. Whatever you write must resonate with your inner feelings. When you read it, you know that it is perfect.
  • Keep it concise. A short paragraph (2-5 lines) should suffice. If you cannot articulate in such a short note, you probably need more thinking. Look at some of the examples and you will know what I mean.
  • Write it in positive affirmative tone. Avoid using negative sentences (example – Instead of saying ‘I will not lie to anyone’, you can say ‘I will be truthful in all my actions and words’).
  • You can write more than one mission statement – one for each area of your life.
  • You may know by now that in a vast majority of cases, your mission statement is about how you impact others directly or indirectly.

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