STEP 1: Preliminary Goal Setting Activity

When you embark on the process of setting and achieving goals, the preliminary goal setting activity is assessing where you are now.

Why is a self assessment important?

Becoming fully aware of your current situation is vital in the success of the goal setting process. In creating a roadmap of where you want to go, you must first know where you are, right?

Of all goal setting activities, this might be the least comfortable one, but if you are to achieve your goals, you must start with assessing where you are now. This exercise is NOT intended for you to run yourself down. Just know that:

  • getting to where you want to go in life it’s not dependent on where you are now
  • you must have an awareness of where you are today (your starting point) in order to be able to develop a smart plan to get to your new destination

The only thing you need in this preliminary goal setting activity assessment exercise is to be brutally honest with yourself. And one more tip: this exercise is effective ONLY when you sit down and write it down on a sheet of paper.

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So let’s get down to it!

First, review each item under the 6 areas of life listed below and rate each item on a scale of 1-10. Just be honest and think objectively. At the end of this assessment exercise, you will be consciously aware of your life as it stands today.

Pre Goal Setting Activity #1: Health Assessment

Eating habits: Do you eat wholesome, unprocessed foods and drink plenty of pure water?

Fitness: Do you exercise regularly?

Energy Level: Do you feel you are full of energy throughout the day?

Stress Level: Are you practicing a stress-relief activity regularly (walking in nature, working out, tai-chi, yoga, meditation, a hobby)?

Weight & Body Fat Control: Is your weight optimal for your height? Is your body fat in healthy limits?

Overall Health: Are you enjoying a generally disease-free (no major ailments) health?

Pre Goal Setting Activity #2: Job/Career Assessment

Enthusiasm & Passion: Do you enjoy your work? Are you willing to do this work if your pay were to reduce?

Skill/Expertise: Do you believe you are an expert at what you do? Do you feel confident about taking up new challenges or solving issues in your profession?

Position: Are you happy with your role/title at work? Do you feel that you are playing a role and getting fairly compensated for your skills/expertise?

Performance: Do you think you are performing at the highest level in your work?

Respect: Do you believe that your colleagues respect you? Do you respect your colleagues?

Innovation: Do you constantly look out for newer and better ways of doing things rather than sticking to the ‘formula’?

Team Work: Are you a good team player?

Growth: Do you feel that you are professionally more valuable than you were one year ago? Do you see yourself as a Success in your profession?

Planning: Are you a good planner? Do you plan your work before you start the day?

Execution: Do you consistently get the job done?

Pre Goal Setting Activity #3: Financial Assessment

Income: Are you happy with the money you are currently making?

Assets: Are you happy with the assets that you have accumulated so far?

Savings: Are you putting aside a percentage of your income towards saving on a monthly basis?

Investment: Do you invest a percentage of your income every month?

Debt: Do you believe you have the debt under control (are you able to sleep well knowing how much debt you have?

Budget & Planning: Do you do your budgeting every year and have a good financial planning in place that will one day secure your financial freedom?

Financial Independence: If you don’t have to work from today, do you have a steady stream of income that will enable you and your family to maintain the same lifestyle?

Pre Goal Setting Activity #4: Family & Friends Assessment

Spouse: How is your relationship with your spouse? (Ask yourself – If my spouse is no longer with me, will it make me happy or sad?)

Children: How do you rate your relationship with your kids?

Parents: Do you think you are being the best possible child for your parents?

Siblings: Do you stand for your siblings irrespective of their attitude?

Friends: It is said that birds of a feather flock together. Do you have friends that always seek the best for you (and you for them)?

Pre Goal Setting Activity #5: Personal Assessment

Legacy: Do you have clarity on what you would like to be remembered for long after you are gone? What is your purpose in life?

Learning: Do you read books regularly? Do you invest a certain amount of your time everyday towards increasing your awareness of yourself and the world?

Peace: Are you at peace with yourself and those around you most of the time?

Leisure: Do you enjoy your time off and focus on yourself and family and not worry about the work?

Travel: Do you travel often? Are you able to visit all those places that you dreamed of?

Environment: Do you like the place you live currently and the neighborhood? If you had a choice, would you continue to be in the current environment?

Spiritual: Don’t confuse this with ‘being religious’. It is NOT. The question is simple – ‘When you are hurting and don’t want to speak to your family or friends, do you seek guidance from a ‘higher force?’

Pre Goal Setting Activity #6: Social Assessment

Contribution: Do you care for your community? Do you dedicate some time every week for the betterment of your community?

Charity: Are you involved in any kind of charity?

Making a Difference: Do you feel that you are making a difference to those around you in a positive way?

Finally, review the results of this preliminary goal setting activity and make sure that it is fairly accurate. Remember, an honest assessment will help you immensely when you get to the next stage of setting life goals.

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