Make a Difference- Charitable Organizations

CharityLiving on purpose involves helping out with charities both domestic and international. Looking beyond your country may seem like a an impossible way to start influencing life for the better, but the modern world makes it easier than ever before. Use your creativity to help through international charity organizations. Don’t limit your contributions to time and/or money. Think in different ways to make the most of your talents.

You can help by:
Donating Your Time: You don’t have to travel halfway across the world or even out of your house to make a difference. Ask if you can help international charity organizations through making phone calls or by collecting and distributing information about them through emails.

Donating Your Skills: International charity organizations need marketing materials, website development, accounting and any number of other business functions that they have to pay for. If you are especially talented or skilled in an area that might help them then volunteer your services. If the headquarters or other building is located near you then even housekeeping and carpentry skills can be of use.

Donating through Clicking Advertisements
: Any number of international charities now include paid advertisements on their websites. The companies will often pay the charity a fixed amount for you clicking on their ad. You can find out more at Charity Click Donation

Promote the Charity in Your Signature on Forums You Visit and in Emails: Find a charity that is near and dear to your heart and start letting people know about it. This doesn’t require visiting certain forums. Simply add a link to your signature in your everyday emails and in your posts on various forums. Be sure to check out the rules of the forum before promoting the charity.

Utilize Your Video Making Skills: Grab your digital camera or video camera and make a short movie about the who, what, when, where, why and how of your charity. This means telling people all about what the charity is, why you are supporting them and how they can help.

Donate Your Old Stuff For Charity: Gather up all of the stuff you’re not using and donate it to the charity.

Don’t limit yourself to donations based upon finances or time limitations. It’s all about putting your heart and your creativity to the test.

Some of the Charitable Organizations you can consider helping:

If you would like a charitable organization to be listed on this page, please send details of the organization (along with a brief description of what they do and why you like them) to: