Innovation Quotient

InnovationInnovation and creativity are two very different things. When a person creates an idea and then changes that idea to effective product, service or procedure, it is considered to be innovation. Taking a great idea and then making it into something that is profitable is what the concept of innovation is all about. Although being creative is important, creativity means nothing without acting on and introducing innovation into the process in trying to reach an end result of value.

Businesses are filled with individuals with a high Creativity Quotient or C.Q., but an Innovation Quotient is not as easy to find. While many people find it is to come up with a great idea, it is a real skill or talent to be able to turn that idea into innovation brining to concept or idea to fruition and ultimately showing hard evidence of its true worth. Getting a great idea from the point of being a great idea to being a viable working concept takes more effort and requires that the individual or company have the skills to see the idea in another light.

Better Innovation is Within Reach

If anyone can do it why do so many businesses fail to be innovative? Failing to change with the times could be the destroyer. For a company that has seen a great deal of success in its history, some of which was very steady success, the same strategies and procedures could be what is keeping them from seeing Great innovation. Staying on the same path can oppress great innovative change.

Failing to keep up with technology in the company’s creative efforts can certainly destroy any hope of increasing the company’s innovative standing in this same world. Without learning how to take the creativity and use the technology available to fuel the innovation, there is no hope of seeing great results.

Finding innovation in a company has to start with those that lead the company. If you have individuals who are not creative in their thinking it could certainly play a role in why the company is not growing innovatively. Those who lead the company core need to have a full grasp of the difference between creativity and innovation in order to bring a company to the forefront.

Innovation Principals that Matter

There are several principals that drive innovation. Understanding these and implementing them can change the way a company finds innovation.

  • Understanding Driving Components – There is no way that you can expect any person to be innovative if you do not understand what is important to them and what drives them creatively. It is vital that you utilize this basis for fostering creativity and guiding the innovation that drives the creativity to success.
  • Diversification – Failing to see that everyone is different and each person has different creative triggers and responses would be a huge mistake if you are trying to find great innovation. It is vital that diversification be encouraged and each person is given the room to think on his/her own about a particular matter in order to see innovation that works.
  • Accept All Contributions – Ruling out any individual from participation would be very unwise and will limit your options for creativity. The more people that you let into the idea creating process and innovation process, the more choices you will have. Additionally, this will foster a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of inhibition for creativity among all employees of the company.
  • Finding the Common Ground – Finding creative ideas and successful innovation can depend on finding something that all the ideas proposed have in common. It is not uncommon to see multiple ideas that are based on the same starting point.
  • Pay Attention – Taking the time to listen to all the concepts and ideas could bring amazing innovation and ideas into the company. This goes beyond listening in staff meetings and company scheduled presentations. Hearing what colleagues have to say about everything in life could bring you the idea that can be applied to the company and ultimately bring about amazing innovation.

When seeking to improve a company’s innovative success, it is vital that all opinions be taken into consideration and that there is a sense of freedom and acceptance in creative thinking. There are many individuals with great concepts and many that know how to take that great idea to the next level making it a tangible positive for the company.