Identify a Cause Larger than Your Life

Identify The CauseLiving only for yourself will ultimately leave you feeling hollow and alone. Finding a larger than life cause, making a difference in the world around you will bring you a great deal of gratification. A cause greater than yourself is one that encompasses a greater purpose. It creates the feeling that you are being useful to this world. Finding that cause often comes from time spent alone contemplating or meditation.

  • Find your purpose. There is no greater purpose than in being useful to those around you. Living on purpose requires you to evaluate your goals and your beliefs in order to find your true calling.
  • Find a place to enhance your spirit. This may be simply a daily meditation, contemplation or prayer. The idea is work your body and soul together in order for each person to make a difference.
  • Connect your purpose with your spirit. Your mind, body and spirit are all interconnected and should be considered when looking into your larger than life cause.
  • Find others that have a similar purpose. Whatever you feel strongly about (charity, church/temple, community or any other type of cause); find those that are like-minded. Making a difference can be accomplished by one person but as a group, your impact could be much more powerful. Gratification can come quicker and through a variety of ideas for your larger than life cause when you join others with the same purpose.
  • Find your place in the cause you feel led to help. Determine where your money, time, or skills fit into making a difference to those you want to help.

When you find the larger than life cause that fits with your purpose and your beliefs, then everything will fall into place. Just be open to whatever comes up for you.