Convert DESIRE To Goals

Unless you are specific about each of your desire/Want, it just remains a wish and will not serve any purpose. How do we do that?

Carefully analyze each of your 3 Wants by asking these questions.

  • Where are you today? (For example, if you desire Millions of dollars, how much are you worth today?)
  • Be Specific (Instead of saying couple of millions of Dollars, be specific. How about 1 Million Dollars?)
  • How do you measure your success if you were to pursue each of them?  (Remember: You can’t manage something you can’t measure)
  • By when do you expect to achieve this?
  • What are the enablers? (What specific skills/expertise do you need to possess)?
  • What help would you need?

Step 3 –  Prioritize-Your-Wants (Before Goals)

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