Give More to Get More

Give MoreThe most common words acquainted with giving are those that spout that whatever you give willingly you will receive a blessing worth a hundred times that which you have given. This dares you to ask yourself what you have given away recently.

Have you given your time or your money to a good cause? You don’t have to commit to working for the Red Cross in disaster areas or sponsoring the entire mission trip. These are great ambitions and if you have the time and resources and the heart then by all means jump right in.

Small steps of giving, with the right attitude, are perfectly acceptable to God and the universe. Giving of your time could be something as simple as volunteering at your child’s school or helping at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  If you are crafty then consider starting a group that makes quilts or gift boxes as donations to charity. Finding a good cause is about following your heart. You don’t have to stick with the most popular charities. Do a little research and find out about some of the lesser known to find just the right good cause for you to help out. The idea is to find out where there is a need in your community and fill that need by volunteering your time.

Perhaps you have more money than time to spare. That’s okay. Financial donations to charity are essential for them to run their business on a day-to-day basis. The power company doesn’t care if they are working for a good cause or not, they still want their money. Decide to make regular donations to a charity. This includes tithing to your church if you are a Christian. The church is one place that people often forget has a mortgage along with utility bills. The words “God will provide” are often lost on those that don’t realize THEY are the ones that are to financially support their home church.

The important thing to remember is that once you focus helping someone else, either through time or money, you will feel the reward immediately. Yes, you may have problems of your own but switching your focus to making donations to charity or helping a good cause will help you to take your mind off of the bad in your life and celebrate the smiles of the people you help.

If getting your mind off of your problems isn’t enough then consider that God and the universe sees the good that you do every day. It is essentially ‘what goes around comes around’. If you do good things for other people then good things will come to you. If you give money to others then you will be blessed by having not only that money return to you but additional money as well. Donating to charity and tithing will lift your spirits and bless your life beyond more than you can ever imagine.