Making a Difference Everyday

Make A Difference EverydaySimple things are all that is required to make a difference in the world around you. Small steps make a big difference. Tips to make a difference everyday include:

  • Wake up excited to tackle the day.
  • Work on yourself first and the world around you will change.
  • There are three major negatives in the world: greed, anger and ignorance. Accept that they exist and combat them with compassion, generosity and wisdom.
  • Respecting those around you should become a habit.
  • Pay attention to those around you. Taking a moment to connect with your family members or to the co-workers you see each day can open your eyes to a need you can assist with.
  • Do everything with love in your heart.
  • Specialize in kindness. Find a way as simple as holding a door open to display kindness to your fellow man or woman.
  • Acknowledge the good in others. If you don’t see it at first you should make every attempt to find it.
  • Give an encouraging word to those you may find lonely or distressed.
  • Be present in the moment. Even if you are somewhere you do not want to be. Embrace the opportunity to find the positive in your situation.
  • Smile every day. Give someone else your smile.
  • Be involved in the world around you. More than your family,  get out into your neighborhood and community. Find ways for you to make a difference.
  • Start changing yourself in order to start the ripple effect of change in the world around you.
  • Practice gentleness and sympathy.
  • Listen to the people in your life and pay attention to their needs.
  • Be an example to your children. Be caring, open minded and use good manners.
  • Take a moment every day to connect to your children.
  • Be true to yourself and your beliefs. Others will be attracted to your positive energy.
  • Be in awe of everything around you. Never take the “normal” every day acts and items for granted. You never know when it will no longer be there.

Take these tips to make a difference everyday and spread the goodwill throughout your world. Every day is special and unique. Adding even a couple of these tips to make a difference can help make your everyday become extraordinary.