What is Healthy Living?

Healthy LivingHealthy living in this context is the same as the definition of holistic living; the choice to live one’s life so that optimal health is achieved without the need for traditional medical doctors and artificial substances.  Healthy or holistic living consists of more than just physical health. It takes into account that the mind, body and spirit are all connected and all of them must be in balance in order for your best life and health to be achieved.

The definition of holistic living means that if you have a headache you don’t simply pop an aspirin and forget about it. You will consider what caused the headache. Was it physical or emotional? Everyone has heard the term “stress headache” but few actually consider the mind-body connection to any other parts of the body. The next time you feel scared or lonely or angry notice your body’s reaction to this emotion. Your heart beats faster or your chest aches or you break out in a sweat, perhaps you find your fists clenched without having known you did it. All of these are physical reactions to an emotional feeling.

Healthy living leads to faster healing because of the definition of holistic healing and it’s relation to everyday life. It’s not just a quick fix but a journey of discovery and change for your mind, body and spirit. You are striving to live healthier physically and become closer in spirit to God or the universe in order to create a calm mind and healthy body.