Are You on the Path to Wealth,Abundance and Prosperity?

Abundance & ProsperityAll of us want it! A life of ease, abundance and prosperity, a life free of worry and stress about how to pay the bills and the freedom to do whatever we want, right?

No matter what you may read elsewhere, the definition of prosperity is highly personal. Some people do not feel prosperous until their net worth exceeds several million dollars – and even when it does, they may still feel poor and act from a mentality of scarcity vs. one of abundance. Others feel abundant and blessed with what they have.

Which category do you fit in?

You should know that your abundance and prosperity is on your hands.

More exactly, it is a question of personal mindset, i.e., how your attitudes and core values shape the way you view the world.

Also, how your inner beliefs motivate you to take (or not) the right actions and create not only financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones, but thrive in good health, great wealth and purposeful abundance.

We’ve all heard of Suze Orman, one of the most worldwide respected mentors on abundance and prosperity.

Listen to this. In the “9 Steps to Financial Freedom”, she first explains what the cause of your current money problems is, i.e. subconscious fears of success formed during childhood. Then, she puts in plain words how these can be eliminated and replaced with new, supportive beliefs and positive attitudes towards money.

Powerful steps recommended in her book include:

  • Seeing how your past holds the key to your financial future
  • Facing your fear and creating new truths for yourself
  • Being open to receive to get the flow of money unstuck

Another thing that shapes your abundance and prosperity mindset – beside your childhood conditioning – is media. Whether you like it or not, it massively affects your current beliefs of what’s possible for you. Just turn on the TV or open a newspaper and you’re hit with brainwashing headlines:

  • “Times Are Tough, Will You Survive?”
  • “The Oil War and Your Savings”
  • “Today’s Topsy-Turvy Economy Will Bankrupt You Too!”
  • “The Energy Mess Is Getting Bigger”
  • “Get Ready For The Deep Recession!”

And on and on. Why? Because media thrives on sensationalism; only drama sells. So if you watch and read the news, you will soon start to think (if you don’t already) that the world is going to end. You will start to fear that unknown forces outside of your control get to decide your level of abundance and prosperity.

Ignore it.

You have to understand one simple thing. There’s no such thing as “the economy”; there is only YOUR economy. More specifically, your mindset, which either makes you a victim of the economic slump or empowers you to see it as an opportunity.

Do you have a mindset of rising above any situation rather than allowing it to drag you down?

But it’s not enough to know what doesn’t work in the realm of wealth, abundance and prosperity; you need to know what does.

Believe it or not, there are certain time-tested prosperity laws; one of the most longstanding is to pay yourself first. If you are like most people, when you get your monthly pay check, your first priority is to pay your bills, and whatever is left is what you use on yourself, right?

That however, suggests that you are paying more attention to debt, as opposed to achieving financial freedom.

But building personal wealth starts with paying yourself first, which means to put away money in a savings or investment account before you even get to spend it; not getting to see it helps you to not spend it. This very effective abundance and prosperity concept is based on the 1926 classic“The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason.

Paying yourself is tremendously empowering; it means that:

  • You are more important than the utility or the credit card company
  • You are making savings a priority
  • You are applying sound and proven financial practices
  • You are creating financial freedom for yourself

Once you get into the habit of paying yourself first, you are well on your well to creating a life of bundance and prosperity.

You see, when you pay yourself first into a savings account, it is not just for retirement. It is also for intermediate goals such as buying a house, a new car, paying for a honeymoon or taking a year off for the dream trip around the world.

Of course, the common advice on saving is to start when you are young, but more importantly, it is to start NOW. Want to know more on this topic? Read David Bach’s best seller “The Automatic Millionaire” you will learn countless simple strategies that you can apply immediately.

But there’s more.

According to the secret Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like” and “what you focus on expands”, when you make yourself a financial priority, the Universe responds by sending even more financial and passive income opportunities your way to create even more abundance and prosperity.

Are you on an advanced path to self improvement?

Then you already know that one of the Laws of Abundance and a proven prosperity symbol is living on purpose and expressing with passion the calling of your Higher Self.

It’s true. We are all entitled to abundance and prosperity. When your life has meaning, your financial goal setting and self motivation are in perfect alignment with your life purpose and everything you need will be provided to you, at the exact time you need it!