Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary SimplicityThe word voluntary means to do something of your own free will. You desire to do something and no one has bribed you or required you to do it. Because of the economy people are often forced into creating a simple life. There isn’t money for extra activities or even cable television so people cut back. They begin to sell of the clutter because they need the money. So if you want to simplify your life then you are on the right path to volunteering simplicity. You desire to live a less chaotic life and your renew your spirit so that you can get back the reward of joy and peace on a daily basis.

It is most important to change your mindset to the fact that you are volunteering simplicity. Many people say they want to change and then look upon a simple life with dread. Make permanent changes by transforming your thinking first. It isn’t about just going through the motions of how you perform your daily tasks. Volunteering simplicity is about changing you. It is about developing the philosophy that you need to embrace life and your role in your community and the world.

Volunteering simplicity is about becoming self-sufficient. Learn to live frugally, rid yourself of clutter and slow down your overall pace of life. Attempt to do something yourself that you would normally have someone else do. This includes gardening, sewing, building things, or finding a more efficient way to perform everyday tasks. Essentially, you are taking responsibility over what you and your family consumes and adds to the world around you.

While you duck out of the “hustle and bustle” of chaos you must replace your train of thought into a more community mindset. The essence of volunteering simplicity is about taking simple living to the spiritual level.