Make a Difference – Animals

A great deal of people believes that making a difference in the world is all about helping the people survive. The furry creatures of the world often get tossed to the sidelines and forgotten about until they are all gone. You can help stop extinction and animal abuse by making an effort to be a voice for those that cannot speak for them

Ways to Help Wildlife

Wildlife relates to any wild animal. This includes both those in your own backyard and those on the plains of Africa.
List of Organizations that are focused on helping Wildlife Conservation:

Ways to Help Domestic Animals

The ways to help domestic animals are similar to helping charity organizations (link to make difference-charitable organizations).
List of Organizations that are focused on helping Domestic Animals:

Every animal deserves a chance. Trying to limit overpopulation and helping to protect their habitats are vital to reducing the number of animals that are killed and are quickly becoming extinct.