Life is Simple but We Make it complicated

Complicated LifeWe often become overwhelmed with the number of decisions we are required to make on any given day. Add in the fact that certain decisions can have life altering results and we often become frozen with indecision. This faltering is from over-analyzing the information and not having a proper understanding of our core beliefs. Knowing your beliefs and understanding why you believe what you do is what leads to taking the stress off of complicated issues and breaking them into simple results.

Complications arise because you fight the changes that come from living a full life. You cannot live in this world without problems being thrown at you.  Problems range from a simple misunderstanding to real problems (like a medical condition that needs attention or real money problems). It is not the problems themselves but how you respond to those problems that will determine your level of happiness. Following the virtues of simple living can help transform your life by reducing stress and helping you embrace change.

If you are having difficulty with what to do about a particular problem, consider talking to family and friends about your problem or get an expert advice. Remember that opportunities are hidden in the form of problems. Try to see the opportunity that the problem offers. This different perspective often helps illuminate possibilities where you didn’t see them before. Having a daily walk is a great way to spend time in nature and connecting with the world around you.

When it comes to daily life, consider the importance of routines. Having basic routines help to simplify your life. Knowing what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and keeping a simple plan of action will help you stay focused and accomplish more in a short period. Plan the Day the day before, Plan the Week the week before and Plan the Month the month before. Advanced Planning and advanced decision making will make your life simple and your stress levels are significantly reduced.
Establishing routines through simple living and learning to accept change through a spiritual connection will allow you to transform your life. It will also allow you to develop a more positive outlook about the changes in your life.