Learn to Say NO

Learn to Say NoIn order to achieve the simple life you desire you have to learn to say NO. If it is not vital to your survival and does not make you happy then you should consider saying NO. This is important in the role of simple living and in time management in general. Nothing is ever accomplished if you continually say YES to things that crowd your day and leave no time for true enjoyment. No one is put on this world in order to see how many tasks they can cram into a 24 hour period.

Know your time limits and your priorities and decide what types of commitments you are going to stop saying YES to. If you feel guilty or the person asking is trying to lay a guilt trip then focus on what you hold as priorities in your life. If you are not sure about a task you are being asked to perform then think about how you will feel if you say YES. Do you feel stressed and anxious or excited and joyful? Perhaps it would make you feel disappointed because you would have to postpone or even cancel something you were looking forward to. If the idea of saying yes results in anything except helping with your Goals, excitement and happiness then it is time to say NO.

A few ways to jump start your ability to learn to say NO are:

  • Practice: The easiest way to learn to say NO is to practice. This may sound silly but it is a lot easier to say NO to some people than it is to others. Saying NO to your boss is often more difficult than any other people in your life. Practice with smaller situations and work your way up.
  • Don’t Apologize: Don’t start out your NO with “I’m sorry, but . .” You can be polite but don’t apologize for your schedule being full or that you really want to but . . . Stay focused on your priorities.
  • Be Decisive: Don’t let them talk you into it. Once you say NO, continue to say it until they understand.
  • Don’t feel guilty: Understand that you are utilizing your time management techniques and your priorities in order to do the best job and have the best life possible.
  • Take your time: If you aren’t sure about giving a yes or no answer then tell them to let you think it over and you will get back with them.

You cannot make the most out of your life if you don’t focus on time management. Allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with too-many tasks goes completely against the idea of simple living. Without the ability to learn to say no you will stay in constant chaos and never accomplish your goal of transforming your life.