How to Make a Difference?

Make A DifferenceEvery individual in this world can take steps to make a difference. You don’t need to donate a fortune to a charity or quit your job to help the homeless. Wake up to the world around you and start right away by using the following steps:

  • Become aware of how your actions or in actions affect those around you. This can be anywhere from your environment (eg. Litter) to how you treat the people in your life. Have you ever noticed how your being nice to someone results in a change in their mood (and in turn your own mood)? The most common way to make a difference takes only a matter of seconds. Smile at everyone you meet and greet them pleasantly. Not only will you see their mood lighten you will feel your own mood lighten (Have your felt good after you yelled at other person – chances are you NEVER feel good when you treat other person badly no matter what the circumstances are).
  • Open your mind to the possibilities that change can produce positive results in your life. Don’t underestimate what a smile or simplifying your life can do in regards to making a difference in your life. Allowing yourself to consider all possibilities will create less stress and enhance your life overall.
  • Understand the big difference made by small changes. Changes in your attitude, your routine, and your everyday tasks can make a large impact on your loved ones as well as on the environment. Small acts such as turning off the lights before you check out of your hotel room (instead of thinking that it is Hotel’s responsibility of changing light bulb from a regular iridescent bulb to CFL can save a lot of energy, or turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save good amount of water. Bottomline – Be conscious of every act of yours and how it may affect the world (however small the impact is).